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Solutions Discales Bromont : Traitement de haute technologie pour arthrose et blessure discale

Discover 8 simple and free strategies to relieve your back and neck pain. The practical guide offered exclusively to Solutions Discales customers contains 42 pages containing dozens of tips that could help you better manage your suffering. 

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Clinique Chiropratique Bromont : 8 stratégies faciles et gratuites pour gérer efficacement vos douleurs au dos


  • Why walking is an exercise of choice if you have back or neck problems;

  • Exercises: the 5 basic rules to follow if you have lower back pain;

  • Posture: how high heels “butcher” your posture, ladies;

  • 10 tips for maintaining good sitting postures, both at work and at home;

  • The wallet syndrome… you know?

  • How to increase your energy by 20-30%;

  • Discover the effect of “texting” on your neck… and your emotions;

  • Being overweight may have less effect on your spine than you thought!

  • 6 food products that could influence your pain;

  • How to know if you are drinking enough water;

  • Ice or heat? Find out the exact application procedure;

  • How to better manage your stress;

  • 8 tips for achieving restful sleep;

  • How your thoughts can influence the progression of your problem and pain;

  • And what if all that doesn't work?

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