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Solutions Discales Bromont : Traitement de haute technologie pour arthrose et blessure discale

For Dr. Louis-Pierre Brunel, chiropractor, it is essential to surround himself with a professional team that is also caring and concerned about the health of his clientele. With the help of his three chiropractic assistants, he enjoys developing lasting relationships with his patients. For him, trust is a guarantee of success.

Solutions Discales Bromont : une équipe professionnelle sous la supervision du Dr Louis-Pierre Brunel, chiropraticien


Dr Louis-Pierre Brunel, chiropraticien et propriétaire de la clinique chiropratique Solutions Discales Bromont


Dr. Louis-Pierre Brunel, chiropractor


Graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in 1998, which certifies my title of Doctor of Chiropractic, I have been a chiropractor for the past 24 years. However, I have been immersed in this profession since my birth. Indeed, I had the privilege of being a leading observer in the evolution of chiropractic since my father is himself a chiropractor.

My priority as a chiropractor is the health of my patients! I have the chance to contribute by allowing them to move freely so that they can lead a professional and family life without pain. Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of my patients regain their quality of life, lost for too many years, and witnessing the exceptional results that chiropractic generates.

I treat each of my patients as if they were a member of my family and if your case does not fall within my scope of action, I will refer you to a healthcare professional who can help you.


Lina Élise Pelletier : adjointe chiropratique à la clinique Solutions Discales Bromont


Chiropractic Assistant

Isabelle Racine : adjointe chiropratique à la clinique Solutions Discales Bromont


Chiropractic Assistant

Véronique Gemme : adjointe chiropratique à la clinique Solutions Discales Bromont


Chiropractic Assistant

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