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Solutions Discales Bromont : Traitement de haute technologie pour arthrose et blessure discale

One of our greatest joys is to see our customers achieve one of their greatest wishes: to regain comfort, flexibility and mobility in order to savor life. Here are some precious stories that have touched us greatly over the years.

Denis Normandin


Retired, Denis is an active volunteer in his community. He has time to offer and talents that he can bring to his parish. And he does it with a good heart.

One day, Denis felt “his nerves” get stuck in his back, radiating to his left leg. However, he did not fall and does not remember having made a wrong move. It happened like that, like a veiled sky. Gradually, he found it difficult to move. His daily life has been affected. He struggled to bring his joyful participation within his community.

Worried, he consulted health care. He received cortisone injections, consumed the painkiller tablets, but, to Denis' great disappointment, nothing relieved him. A spine operation was offered to him, but he did not want to go through it!

He was referred to the Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions discales, by another chiropractor, for the specific neuro-vertebral decompression care it offered. Denis had a lot of osteoarthritis in the lumbar region, which caused him problems with the sciatic nerves. At his first consultation, he was informed of his state of health and the treatment offered to him. After only two months, he could walk without the aid of a cane or crutches. He who saw himself in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, suffering from his physical pain, but also from that of no longer being able to walk, nor to contribute to his dear community. He was far from this scenario!

Because soon, he was able to resume his regular activities. It was with joy in his heart that he returned to offering his support to his parish. Yes, good, without exaggerating on heavy work, of course! (A nod to Denis from Véronique: or playing the contortionist by wanting to move the computer tower from under a desk, for example!) Now he can imagine his retirement in good shape.

When Denis meets people who suffer from pain, he does not hesitate to tell them his story. “Yes, the investment seems expensive at first glance, but health is priceless. At Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales, Dr. Brunel, chiropractor, quickly put me at ease by confirming that he could do something to relieve my pain and give me back a much more normal quality of life. And he was right! I tell you, give it a try, you won't regret it! His words say the same thing as the light shining all over his face.

Jennifer Boyle


Neck pain and migraines visited Jennifer several times a week. She was often tired and very limited due to the chronic pain and discomfort she felt. It was difficult for her to do her job and was limited to doing her activities.

During an injury in 2016, she consulted Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales. Unlike the professionals she later turned to, this clinic was interested in finding the cause of her ailments, not just treating the symptoms. Why did she have chronic pain? By examining more thoroughly with X-rays, Dr. Brunel, chiropractor, was able to trace the source of his problems. With this information, he was able to develop a treatment plan that met the patient's needs. Over the course of the treatments, Jennifer learned to understand her body, to then work hand in hand with it.

Despite the ups and downs, Jennifer recognizes all the progress she has made since the beginning of care. She has occasional migraines, but nothing like before. Chronic pain, meanwhile, has completely disappeared. The fear of not seeing changes, a fear that haunted her before meeting Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales, quickly disappeared. Jennifer is proud of the 75% to 80% improvement she feels. She is now working to maintain her achievements: stay in good shape and avoid relapses.

Jennifer has an energy and physical well-being that allows her to enjoy the activities she has fully resumed. When she imagines what her life would have been like had she not discovered Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales, she doubts she would have had the ability to keep her animals and keep her job.

His advice: If you are in pain, do not hesitate! Go to the Bromont Chiropractic Clinic / Solutions Discales to seek the help you need from someone who is committed to understanding the source of your problems. That's what made the difference for Jennifer.

Mireill Jetté


Let time do its work. When this sentence is not taken into consideration, the work can be far from being a masterpiece. This was the case of Mireille. One thing leading to another, her back pain changed: she had difficulty bending over, getting up, staying seated in the car. She could no longer find positions where she felt comfortable. One day, she was unable to put on her stockings and shoes. Getting out of the car alone, she couldn't even think about it! Then, it was to press the foot on the pedals of the automobile which was impossible. The simple and usual movements have become inaccessible for Mireille. Each gesture carried its shadow of pain. From now on, her spouse had to assist her and take care of the little essential rituals of everyday life.

After examinations, Mireille learns that all this stems from a herniated disc and severe degenerative disc disease.

Mireille consulted various chiropractors as well as physiotherapists. Nothing worked for her. She tried medication but, unfortunately, it did not correct her situation. The pain, as far as she was concerned, continued its work: it continued to increase gradually. After all these trials, Mireille came to Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales discouraged and anxious. The fear of not being able to walk grew in her.

At the start of the treatments, Mireille was still feeling her pain. Then it shifted, and she felt gradual relief and improvement. She came to the conclusion that this whole path was for the best. This positive thought accompanied and encouraged her in her treatment.

The sun has started to shine again in Mireille's daily life. She went from having difficulty getting out of her car, to gardening; not being able to put on your socks, to ride a bike; not being able to press the accelerator, to walk regularly. She is impressed by all these positive changes in her mobility and quality of life. She was convinced that at this rate, if she did not find solutions, she would no longer be able to work, to function. It is certain that she would have sunk into depression, she says.

Following her experience, Mireille feels the importance of maintaining her spine with maintenance care. Because even if the pain is much less, she feels that there could still be a slight fragility. It is that osteoarthritis, lodged in his column, cannot be cured. On the other hand, the damage can be slowed down. And Mireille doesn't want to go back where she went!

Mireille is very happy to have invested in her health. His only regret is having waited until he was in severe pain before consulting.

Myriane Naud


On an April morning in 2020, Myriane wakes up with a sharp pain in her right arm. She notices that she doesn't have the same strength as before and that her hand is numb. However, she was not injured. We are at the start of a pandemic. Myriane, editor, is now working from home. Could it be due to poor posture at his improvised desk? Her pain prevents her from working and also forces her to drop her family activities and hobbies, such as deck hockey. After examinations, she learns that all this stems from degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. Now that the diagnosis is made, what to do to solve the problem? She consults various health professionals, but unfortunately, she notices only a small improvement. Myriane is discouraged and worried. She finds it sad to suffer like this at 41 years old. In March 2021, she consulted Clinique Chiropratique Bromont/Solutions Discales. After having suffered several failures with other caregivers, she is skeptical. However, she nurtures a spark of hope, because her sister has greatly improved her condition thanks to the chiropractic treatments received.

From the first appointments, she notices a decrease in pain as well as more flexibility in her movements in the neck. After a first month of follow-up, Myriane feels confident, in addition to being relieved! Finally, she found something that works for her.

A year later, Myriane is aware of the slow but steady improvement that is taking place. She is returning to a much-desired normality. A few torticollis punctuated his journey, but these were less and less severe and more and more distant from each other.

Before returning to full-time work, she had regained 95% of her initial well-being. Today, she is happy to be able to play with her children again, lifting heavy loads, running, biking, hiking in the mountains and skiing, all without feeling pain. She feared harboring a fear of deck hockey, but she rediscovered the pleasure of playing with confidence. Now, Myriane feels good in all her activities. “Honestly, I find it hard to believe that I have regained the same quality of life as before and I am very grateful for that! My treatments at Clinique Chiropratique Bromont are an investment that I will never regret having made,” she tells us, beaming.

Pierre Lafrance


Bad luck, they say. With hindsight, Pierre clearly sees how the development of the symptoms that overwhelm him - barred back, back pain, pinched sciatic nerve - had as their starting point a bad fall 20 years ago.

Pierre consulted a chiropractor for the first time to see if this problem could be solved. Referred by a friend, he went to Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales. He felt confident from the first meeting: the explanations concerning the neuro-vertebral decompression care that was recommended to him brought him an understanding of the importance of these types of treatments for his current condition. And he was not mistaken. The pain felt in the past is history: the initial pain has never returned. In addition, he no longer fears that his back will block at all times. He can now move and enjoy life with confidence. Pierre has regained freedom of action in his everyday life.

He sees it well, many people over fifty are plagued with back pain. Taking care of your back is priceless, it brings a lot of freedom in everyday life, he says. For his part, he considers himself happy with his decision to have invested in the good health of his back.

France Ferland


France's favorite activity is reading. Spend hours reading, traveling without getting up from your chair, by the magic of words, what happiness! And when the need to stretch her legs arises, France enjoys gardening. Kneeling on the prickly grass, hands in the ground, all senses awakened! What a nice way to live out your retirement, isn't it?

Sneakily, pain invites itself to the leisure activities of France. “Kidney pain” when gardening, burning sensation at the base of the neck when she reads. In addition to a tired leg syndrome that disturbs his sleep. What is going on? France, who reads a novel a week, in addition to La Presse daily, and who likes to do crosswords and puzzles on occasion, finds herself unable to devote more than 10 minutes a day to one of its activities. If you enjoy reading, you can understand how painful that is! The burning sensation is just too intense for France to take pleasure in settling down for a long time to her favorite and regular occupations.


France consults a massage therapist when her neck becomes too stiff. This teaches him some exercises to perform to alleviate his suffering. Unfortunately, these do not solve his ailment. So she tries acupuncture. She notices that this treatment restores energy, without however bringing it back to the desired state. She decides to take advice from a chiropractor, without much conviction, because her spine is straight. How can he help her? Well, the global vision of health approach at Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales can!

France undergoes neuro-vertebral decompression treatments to help restore space to the discs and clear the nerves. Today, she can garden without back pain, and above all, read two hours a day without pain! Dr. Brunel, chiropractor, even managed to solve the problem related to tired legs syndrome, by suggesting a vitamin B1 supplement.

This choice to seek treatment at Clinique Chiropratique Bromont has given France a better quality of life. She can now resume without restriction the activities that bring her happiness and that are important to her. Like reading. And I understand it!


When he consulted Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont, Éloï learned that his back pain was linked to the fact that he had osteoarthritis in the lumbar region. Éloï was not handicapped in his daily life. He could see his activities. However, this information explained why he felt a loss of strength in his legs, as well as radiation in his right groin.

He started his treatments in 2020, and today he claims to notice an overall improvement in his condition of 80%. This allows him to continue to take walks every day. In his opinion, it was a good investment. Because, at the age of 84, he looks to the future in good health and able to walk!

Éloi Corriveau


Louise has her housekeeping business. His work is physical. After a third accident within five years, because she was no longer recovering as before, her body reminded her that she was no longer 20 years old. She had to stop work at intervals, over long periods of time. For a self-employed person, this is not easy. His morale quickly plummeted. Already his physical condition, before the third accident, no longer allowed him to practice his sporting activities. She had to keep all her strength and energies just for her work. It was a very difficult period for Louise, of an active nature. She saw her joie de vivre disappearing like ice cream in the sun.

Worried about having to live with chronic pain, tired of seeing her abilities diminish, and demoralized at not being able to enjoy life as she likes it, Louise consulted Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont.

The reason why Louise felt her sciatica on the right side: pain in the leg and sensations of electric shocks on the inside of the thigh, is that she had right lumbosciatica. After a few treatments, she noticed an immediate improvement. Even if at first it was not always easy: her body wondering what was going on!, Louise had confidence in the treatments. She felt in good hands with the members of the team, all attentive to what she was going through.

The joy of living reappeared in Louise's life. With an 85% improvement in her physical abilities, she can finally enjoy life with pleasure. She plays with her grandchildren, she walks as she pleases, even does volunteer work. She can stand and finish her working days without feeling pain. She also learned to respect her body, a little better, by granting it to her real age! Louise is proud to have seized this opportunity to improve her physical and moral condition, by the same token! Life is beautiful and good for me.

Louise Boilard


During a game of volleyball, a pain in Mylène's lower back appeared. A burning sensation, especially in the right side, followed her everywhere. Mylène managed to control her illness at times, but the persistent symptoms always ended up coming back. This situation constrained her to her work: wearing her police equipment became difficult. Her sports activities were also affected, and this discouraged her greatly.

Mylène first consulted other health professionals before coming to Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont. After the failures encountered, she wondered if she could dream of an improvement in her condition. The welcome and attentiveness of the staff, as well as the competence of Dr. Brunel, Chiropractor, with his clear explanations as well as the realism of the results she could expect, gave her confidence. The proposed treatment consisted of chiropractic adjustments focused on neuro-vertebral decompression, to relieve a bulging disc, diagnosed in 2013.

To date, Mylène finds that her current condition is beyond the expectations she had when she started treatment. It has regained 80% of its usual capacity. She observes that the intervals are getting longer between the mini-relapses. She is back to skiing, cycling, and goes to the gym three times a week. Mylène is happy to finally be able to get through a full day of work without feeling pain.

Mylène can see the future by being in good physical shape, active, with moderate pain at times. Nothing to do with the discouragement of living with chronic pain, if she had not found Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont. “I am satisfied and happy. I feel good. I stay active, pain free most of the time. So I'm happy! “, she confides.

Mylène Laplume


Raymond consulted Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont for pain in his shoulder, back, and right leg, from the buttocks to the calf. "At my age, it's normal to be worn out." That's what Raymond thought 25 years ago. The pains did not hinder his legendary good mood, but bothered him all the same. He was increasingly limited in his activities. The fear of being paralyzed lurked.

The reason for Raymond's ailments was mainly due to osteoarthritis. He was treated with chiropractic care which helped him manage his situation well. Unfortunately, Raymond's osteoarthritis has become more severe. Dr. Brunel, Chiropractor, offered him neuro-vertebral decompression care which made all the difference.

Raymond says he is “very very satisfied” with the treatments. Gradually, he began to work again in the house as well as on his land. To his delight, he has resumed walking and can now lift small weights. At 84, it's remarkable! To people who have the same symptoms he has encountered, he does not hesitate to tell them this: “Do like me, and consult a chiropractor. »

Raymond Lamarche


Get back to a normal life. This is what Pierre dreamed of when he showed up at Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont. His expectations were high. Take away his pain. He was afraid it wouldn't work. May he grapple with them all his life. It was because Pierre had so much back pain that he could no longer sleep in his bed. The quality of his sleep was deteriorating. It influenced his mood. Gradually, he began to be restricted in his movements. This can also affect mood.

Initially, Pierre consulted for pain in his left arm. He did not maintain care. Years later, her back pain occurred. Which led him to consult again. Cervical arthritis was diagnosed. Pierre undertook new treatments.

He noticed an improvement in his situation with regular care. Yes, the progress seemed slow to him, yes, he had a few setbacks, yes, at times, he was discouraged. But now all that is behind him. Pierre sees a 90% to 95% improvement in his condition. He has regained his mobility and a quality of life that satisfies him. He is happy to be able to sleep, and this, in his bed! Now that he manages to rest, his good mood is beaming!

Today, Pierre can envisage a normal life. He is aware that he is easy to "bar from the back". He pays attention to his movements. He doesn't want to go back where he went! This is why he continues neuro-vertebral decompression maintenance care. He understood the importance of maintaining his condition by receiving regular care. Because osteoarthritis can be treated, but not cured. By maintaining a regularity in the treatments, we manage to slow down, or even stop its progression. As Pierre says: “We must believe in it and persevere. Despite the costs, it really changes! »

Pierre Loiselle


Give chiropractic a chance! One fine day, Serge feels pain in his thigh. It happened suddenly, for no apparent reason. Comfortable, she settled down. At ease, she stretched to her back. Confused, he does not understand what is happening to him.

Quickly, he lost autonomy, mobility and the ability to walk. Serge consulted his family doctor, who took him off work and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, these did not take away the pain he was feeling and did not allow him to return to a normal life. Serge was very anxious about the future. He was afraid of being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, even paralyzed.

He discovered Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont through a patient who frequents it. Thanks to the examinations of Dr. Brunel, chiropractor, the cause of the problem was targeted and a treatment plan was established. X-rays taken at the clinic showed that osteoarthritis had developed in Serge's spine. Osteoarthritis cannot be cured. However, one can improve its condition and work to slow down or prevent its progression. For this purpose, cervical decompression care is prescribed to Serge. The decompression table makes it possible to recover a space between the vertebrae and to release the nerves. Serge feels a glimmer of hope.

In a few treatments, already, Serge noticed improvements: the pain decreased while mobility returned. Imagine his joy! Quietly, he was able to resume all his activities. Today, Serge has regained 90% of his motor skills. “Treatment is an investment of time and money, but it is worth it,” he says enthusiastically. He saw real results, compared to medications that unfortunately didn't work for him. Serge's life has completely changed. He can now enjoy his retirement as he wishes!

Serge Bouthillier


In general, moves are demanding. Both physically and emotionally. Claudia was no exception. She went through several weeks of stress before D-Day: the sale of her condo, busy time at work, a new chapter in a new environment that she is about to start. She had a lot to do and her mobility was reduced because she was in physical pain. Calf hard as rock, entire left foot numb, toes included! The day before the move, his back was completely blocked.

To relieve her suffering, Claudia turned to massage therapy. Not being enough, she combined several therapies including acupuncture, as well as chiropractic care at Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont.

On her first visit, Claudia was worried, in addition to being in pain. After the presentation of Dr. Brunel, Chiropractor, on the treatment plan adapted to her situation, Claudia realized that she had not realized the extent of her situation. She began the progressive intervention plan, which consisted of a few treatments per week, followed by a few treatments per month, to conclude with a treatment each month. The process may seem long, but Claudia quickly realized that it was worth persevering, because it gives the desired results. Which curbs one of his two fears about his investment. The second being that it comes to be expensive in the long run. Following the expected results, Claudia has now made it a priority in her life.

“The fact of choosing to continue to offer me neuro-vertebral decompression services at Solutions Discales / Clinique Chiropratique Bromont is now part of my quality of life. We can't make new with old, but we can maintain our body so that it continues to perform. This is a gift I will give myself until I die! “, she writes.

In addition, Claudia appreciates her experience with the Clinique Chiropratique Bromont / Solutions Discales team. "It's a caring, professional team that considers you as a person. Also, she is transparent, honest, and attentive to your needs and your financial reality about the proposed plans. She has my full trust. It's like being part of a big family! »

Today, Claudia feels at 80% of her full capacity. According to her, the remaining 20% is due to a few fractures in her ankle, dating back a few years. For her, the important thing is that she can continue to go about her daily activities as well as her hobbies. She is very happy to be able to play golf on her own and to travel

as she likes it: walking to visit the places! “Mobility is part of my happiness. »

Advice from his experience: “It was the best solution to invest in my physical health. To maintain my happiness, my activities and my quality of life! The treatments work wonders if you have the patience to persevere and keep up the visits. »

Claudia Prince
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